17 September 2015

Visions of Place

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Geography, in its physical, personal, religious, intellectual, political, existential, historical, economic and other manifestations, is an inescapable part of Israeli life, its psyche and art, and issues in relation to geography in this broad sense are some of the most pressing ones in the contemporary world. This exhibition includes the work of 36 contemporary artists, who deal with this central aspect of Israeli art in ways that speak to these vital concerns from a variety of diverse perspectives. Although focused specifically on Israel, the issues raised by the exhibition have wide interest and applicability in the broader contemporary world, and many of the artists in the exhibition exhibit their work internationally. The exhibition demonstrates the richness, complexity and diversity of perspectives in contemporary Israeli art, and by extension, Israeli society. It provides a rich artistic experience and can catalyze a broader, more open dialogue relating to the important issues raised by Israel's contemporary artists. This major traveling exhibition will be shown at the Stedman Gallery at Rutgers University's Camden Center for the Arts, New Jersey from September 17 - December 17, 2015, and at Towson University, Towson, Maryland from February 5 - April 3, 2016

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