28 April 2018

To the End of Land, National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi, India

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The exhibition presents a wide range of references and approaches to recent changes in the economic and social landscape in Israel, as manifested by the appearance of natural scenery in Israeli contemporary Art. Engagement with the land, its borders, scars, and produce runs through the work of many artists active in Israel today. The chosen title, "To the End of Land," strives to draw attention to some of the cultural, social, and political aspects embodied in their artistic explorations of land.

Artists: David Adika, Anisa Ashkar, Yael Bartana, Yosef Josef Dadoune, Atar Geva, Avital Geva Sharon Glazberg, Leor Grady, Judith Guetta, Sigalit Landau, Dana Levy, Shahar Marcus, Nira Pereg, Orit Raff, Tomer Sapir, Dafna Shalom, Tal Shochat, Gal Weinstein, Sharon Ya'ari.

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Sweating Sweet To the end of land