7 June 2018

Flood: Contemporary Israeli Photography, Ashdod Museum Art, Israel

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The exhibition Flood - Contemporary Israeli Photography opens at the Ashdod Museum of Art, presenting the work of 26 photographers of different generations who are currently active in Israel and around the world. 

The exhibition was created in the wake of the book "The Spirit and the Pomegranate: Contemporary Israeli Photography", published in Italy in the summer of 2017 (by Postcart) and in collaboration with its authors, film critic and curator Maurizio G. De Bonis and photographer and journalist Orit Youdovich, who both live and work in Italy. The kernel for the exhibition is the authors' unique positions as external observers of the Israeli art world and their attempts to understand the development of contemporary Israeli photography as well as its place in the international arena. 

The exhibition offers a wide view of the contemporary photographic world in Israel, which, for the first time, has assembled a wide range of photographers and iconic works from the past 40 years, without any hierarchies or prior frameworks. It extends from a wide range of modes of representation – from direct, seemingly traditional photography, characterized by examining the locale and preoccupation with identity, ethos, and collective narratives, to experimental and conceptual photography, dealing with intra-medial processes; from traditional genres such as portraiture, landscapes, interiors, and still life to the abstract and absence of the image.

 The exhibition opens Thursday, June 7th and closes October 13th

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